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Robertson & Rudy

Pat Robertson, the self-styled Jeremiah of the Religious Right has a new “word of knowledge” for his little flock. Rudy is God’s man. Rudolph Giuliani, the thrice-married, gun-controlling, cross-dressing, pro-abortion, gay marrying, non-church-going lapsed Catholic. He’s God’s guy. Boy, I did not see that one coming. But as Dylan once said, the times, they are a changin.’ And Isamofascism is the hot, new family value. Or should I say, its defeat is. And Rudy is the Christian Right’s clear-cut, clean-cut Crusader. At least, he’s the name that floated up in Pat’s fortune-telling magic eight ball that he consults when he locks hands with his 700 Club cronies and squeezes his eyes shut to allegedly hear from on high. Again, I did not see this one coming. And what is very curious in this reshuffling of Christian values is the idea that Rudy will do the best job at keeping us safe in this global holy war. After all, he’s the guy who failed to protect his city’s twin-tower landmark which had previously been bombed on his watch by these said fascists. Lightening doesn’t strike twice. Or does it? Plus, the reason Rudy has all these great Kodak Moments of him and his staff walking through the smoldering streets of the Big Apple is because he had recently relocated his Emergency Command Center into the World Trade Center. And here’s the irony. He had no office to go to that dark day. He could only walk the streets and look steely-eyed for the cameras. Grit and vision, both! Clearly, God’s Man for the task. Like I said, I did not see this one coming. But then again, the ways of the Religious Right have always been a bit mysterious. A tad unsearchable. Inscrutable, even. Yep. In a year when we have a church-going, Bible-quoting Obama running in the Democratic primaries and an affable, evangelical Pro-life pastor running in the Republican primaries, the choice is so obvious! Rudy is the man. Pat’s man. God’s man.


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  1. I voted for the last member of the Christian right and have been sorry. I don’t want a president who is going to shove our democracy and desire for freedom down the throats of other nations. I don’t want another president who thinks he has to bring democracy to every nation when God has not called him to do so. I don’t want another president who fails to care for his own country while he spends our billions on other nations, and nations who wish we would mind our own business. I don’t want another president from the Christian right. I agree with Pat. We need a president with guts, ability to lead, and one who won’t tolerate flagrant mispending of our nation’s wealth, and won’t outsource the middle class.!!

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