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turkey kid

In this brave new world of political correctness, we are conditioned to refer to the Christmas holidays in a sanitized, Christ-less language that offends no one but is nevertheless intended to make vague allusions to good will, joy and peace. “Seasons Greetings.” “Happy Holidays.”“This Joyful Season.” Etcetera. We have all become quite facile with this. It seems benign enough. Something to do with the separation of Church and State and good breeding.


I’ve recently become aware that our quaint, state-bequeathed holiday of Thanksgiving has not emerged unscathed from this well-intentioned newspeak. Why? I don’t know.


Yes, granted, there is an implicit allusion to a higher being of some ilk in the sentiments of this holiday. But this is an American holiday not some holy day that falls on the liturgical calendar like Easter or Epiphany. It’s decreed by no Pope. It is imposed by no pointy-hatted Patriarch. And the implied God in question is clearly nonsectarian­––be He the fatalistic Allah of the Koran, the Almighty Yaweh of the Bible or the undemanding, disengaged First Cause of Deism. Yet, more and more people seem to be going to great lengths to take the “thanks” out of Thanksgiving. Surely, you’ve heard it. “Happy Turkey Day.”


“Going to your Mom’s for Turkey Day?”


“Whew! Ate too much on Turkey Day.”


Really? Turkey Day?


Maybe they think it’s cute. I assure you it isn’t. And it is a slippery slope.


What’s next? Does Easter become “Happy Chocolate Bunny Day”? Does Halloween become “Happy Candy Corn Day”? Do we turn Yom Kippur into“Happy Skip Breakfast Day”? Nothing would surprise me in this PC world gone mad. And what, may I ask, becomes of “TGIF?” It may be the last vestige of a grateful nation’s obeisance to the benificient Deity of the 5-day workweek. Let us thank Him before the rocks cry out. Here’s to the God of 5-day workweeks and 4-day holiday weekends. Long may He reign.


As always, my apologies.


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