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This week, it happened–– an event so cataclysmic, that it has to be right up there with an early sighting of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. An eschatological vision more chilling than Karl Rove exiled to Patmos could every have imagined possible: Hillary Rodham Clinton receiving an enthusiastic standing ovation from a crowd of cheering evangelicals. Yep. It must be the end of the world. The seventh seal. Beam me up, Jesus. The woman who played Jezebel to Bill Clinton’s King Ahab. The lightening rod to more than a decade of Bible-thumping, born-again furor and disdain. The poster child of everything that is liberal and just plain wrong with this country. There she stood on the platform of Rick Warren’s mega-sized Saddleback Church waxing eloquently on the subject of AIDS and the responsibility of good-hearted Christians to show love and compassion to its victims. And decent, upstanding, godly people applauded. Hmm, I think we are in for a very interesting election year. Don’t you?


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