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It’s an old joke. “How do you tell when a politician is lying?” Beat. Beat. Beat. “Their lips are moving.” And this past week, Bill Clinton and Karl Rove seemed to be competing for who would emerge the bigger politician. As he campaigned for his wife, the former President told a rally that he always strongly opposed the war in Iraq. Funny, I seem to remember that Clinton wrote an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times, or was it the Guardian, applauding Tony Blair’s decision to sign on for that very same war. Odd way to voice your opposition. So just to see if he could out-whopper the former President, long-time Bush advisor, Karl Rove announced on a series of news programs that it was the Democrats in congress who rushed the 2001 authorization of the war against the better judgment of a cautious and prudent Bush White House. Yeah, that’s pretty much the way we all remember it. This nasty little war was all the Democrats’ idea. President Dubya was just doing their bidding––against his better judgment. And I guess that’s what makes that old joke so darn funny. It’s the one thing about politics that is …what’s the word?…true.


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  1. The Good News about our political leadership and system is that it has been so exposed (as screwed-up) that even the most Staunch have no way to hide. My hope is that we don’t spend the next several generations playing the “blame game,”but now that so much is out in the open we work to correct and improve what is obviously flawed. These are the same folk who brought us “nutritionally insecure” vs. hungry, VNR to promote the wars “progress,” and the “hanging chad” to steal an election -GOD help us!

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