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Nicodemus came to Jesus by night. Joseph of Arithmathea also thought it wise to keep his faith in Christ on the down low. And now former British Prime Minister Tony Blair reveals in a new documentary that his Christian faith has always been a significant part of his personal life but something he was reluctant to vocalize publicly. Apparently, Blair explains, in England politics and religion don’t readily mix. According to Blair, “You talk about [faith] in our system and , frankly, people do think you’re a nutter.” Strange. Isn’t England the country with its own government-established church? And hey, isn’t America the country famous for separating church and state? This just doesn’t add up. We in the good old US of A haven’t elected a President in the past five who hasn’t (no matter now feebly) articulated a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And even the progressive, religion-neutral Democratic Party seems to be working overtime to coach their Presidential hopefuls not to stutter when they speak the name of Jesus. Here, religious faith is a given. Atheists and agnostics need not apply. In God we trust. Heck, we even update our national pledge to dial up the God factor a little. So what gives with jolly old England? What’s up with these stiff-upper-lip Brits? God only knows. And it seems He’s every bit as reluctant to discuss the relationship.


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