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Republican Senator Charles Grassley is on a mission from God. He is currently heading up a Senate investigation into the financial practices of the tax-exempt ministries of televangelists Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Credfo Dollar and Joyce Meyers. But apparently—with the exception of Joyce Meyers Ministries which has complied with the government’s request—these Word of Faith organizations are pleading the fifth. Or, at least, dragging their feet and refusing to meet the sub-commitee’s six-month deadline. Which I for one find a little odd. After all, when these colorful clergymen aren’t flinging folks backwards on center stage, aren’t they faithfully proclaiming their compelling gospel of prosperity? Jesus died so we could wear a Rolex. God wants to give you a Mercedes—an evangel first proclaimed by Janice Joplin, if I’m not mistaken. So if these ministries are indeed getting filthy, stinking rich through proclaiming this salutary message of rags-to-riches blessings, wouldn’t they want the world to know? You know, give their god of Greed the glory. Send the Almighty a shout out. Right? Or is it possible that they fear that the uninitiated would not see the heavenly splendor in preachers living high on the hog while folks on fixed incomes foot the bill? Or is it that they fear that they could lose their tax-exempt status when the world sees that these so-called ministries are in no sense non-profit? Well, for the time being, Senator Grassley is going to have to be patient. Darkness has never been easily penetrated.


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