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We all have our guilty pleasures. For instance, my favorite part of ringing in the New Year is when the TV news folks remind us who kicked the bucket the previous year. Two of the names that top 2007’s list are Jerry Falwell and Evel Knievel. Two headline makers. Two men that seemed so over the top. And I can’t help but wonder how these two fiesty souls are behaving in the Celestial City. I can only imagine the Right Reverend Falwell continuing his crusade even in his heavenly abode. You know, flashing that big, toothy, insincere, corn-pone smile for the Lord God Almighty and insinuating (ever so innocently) that Saint Peter is not to be trusted; a little to Catholic, if you know what I mean. Let a Baptist hold the keys to the kingdom for a change, hmmm? And Bad Boy Knievel–– can’t you imagine the way he must be gloating now that he has finally completed the biggest leap of all. From death bed to Glory. Now that’s a chasm! Can men so famous and media-glorified actually check their egos at the Pearly Gate? Well, if not, I’m sure that the King of Heaven can easily find them more suitable accommodations.


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