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TIME magazine has just named Vladimir Putin, TIME’s Person of the Year. Attaboy, Vladdy! According to TIME editor, Richard Stengel, “[Putin] doesn’t care about civil liberties, he doesn’t care about free speech. He has no charm. He is just pure force and pure force of will.” (I can only imagine what he says about the runners-up.) But I suppose a Russian leader without “charm” is indeed quite an anomaly––like an unicorn or a pro-life Democrat. They have all been so Noel Cowardish. Dashing men like Stalin, Kruschev, and Yeltsin. Yup, Putin is one in a million. If only we Americans had a leader with a proclivity for limiting civil liberties; a guy who lacked charm and sophisication! Then maybe our guy could be TIME’s Person of the Year. Dubya, brother, you were so robbed.



  1. Guys, Bush was also Person of the year. (for me it’s just a shameful comparison.) Anyway, whose fault is that Bush lost his “charm”? may be not enough bombing? … we are a bit tired here of your (western) up-roaring but still can amuse ourselves reading your “complicated” analyses when there is nothing better to do.

  2. People don’t like Putin because he’s sticking it to all the wrong people, i.e., rich international high finance guys with connections to London, NY, and Israel.

  3. I wish I was able to understand what you mean. May be you can at least name those guys you enlisted? Would be really thankful to you

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