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The air was thick with intrigue. The daggers were out. On this crisp December morning, the brave politician was completely prepared to face the wrath of the crowd and the rejection of the masses. Knowing this could well be the end of his political life, Mike Huckabee summoned his courage and spoke up–– like Polycarp amidst the flames–– “I know this is probably a very controversial thing, but may I say to you, Merry Christmas!” What would this Iowa crowd do? Tear him limb from limb? Boo him off the stage? He would soon find out. As they rose to their feet, Huckabee swallowed hard and braced himself for a potential martyr’s death. Then a miracle happened: the crowd burst into enthusiastic applause. Obviously, this salutation was not nearly as controversial as Governor Huckabee had reckoned. In fact, it was so successful with this middle-American, evangelical Republican crowd that a more cynical observer might have misconstrued it as blatant pandering. But not me. It was a Christmas miracle! This brave warrior is waging a holy war on Christ-hating multiculturalists. The angels are watching over him. And this crowd is eating it up.


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  1. Pastor turned candidate Mike Huckabee, while speaking (preaching) to the choir at the Values Summit said, “Faith is also threatened, and let me share with you how. I believe that there are many who will seek our support. But let me say that it’s important that people sing from their hearts, and don’t merely lip-synch the lyrics to our songs. I think it’s important that the language of Zion is a mother tongue, and not a recently acquired second language. It’s important that a person doesn’t have more positions on issues than Elvis had waist sizes.” Oh, that was subtle, and hateful. It is just pure religious bigotry; “you can only believe what we say you believe.” And it is offensive to the principle of religious freedom.

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