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Zeitgeist the Movie–– coming to a computer near you. It’s a 2-hour YouTube extravaganza all about how 9/11 is a shadowy government conspiracy. And how Christianity is nothing more than a rehashing of Egyptian astrology. And how Jesus is simply a retread of the Sun god Horus. The net-net of “movie” is that the Man (be he the Roman Emperor Constantine, the Illuminati, or the Federal Reserve) is ingeniously conspiring to keep us down. Among his methods are myth-based religions, human suffering and a group of clever Masons. When does Lara Croft come in and save the world? But I digress. Which is why I love the Internet. The crazies get equal time. I can blog that Muhammad was really a sock puppet and upload a video warning that implanted microchips are the apocalyptic mark of the Beast. And the crazies beget more crazies. And those crazies get followers. And those followers beget more fear and suspicion. Why, it almost sounds like a …what’s the word?…Conspiracy. Freaky!



  1. Did the egyptians write this?

    “In the day of calamity when the towers fall” – Isaiah 30. – BOOYAH!

  2. Great doco, well researched, and even entertaining…up until the part with the microchips being implanted in us. I do believe that this kind’a failed the whole credibility of the film. Perhaps it was a desperate attempt at tying-up a lot of worthwhile information? Perhaps a bit of creative license? Either way, it did damage what could have been an absolute killer of a flick. After seeing the last part, I doubt many people will go “Right, of course – the microchip! A-Doh!” – and will instead see it as another over the top theory (to be forgotten). Shame

  3. microchips implants arent outrageous at all. Theyre already being used in pets.

  4. ditto…
    there are clubs in miami and shanghai that have a nurse at the door pluggin a chip into you – runs a nice tab no doubt. just baby steps for now.

  5. microchips make perfect sense if you listened through all of part 2 and 3 i don’t know if you guys watch the news but you can see it even here in Australia because of the terror threat all of our passports have these chips and i remember campaigns on TV during the war on terror advising we will all have id cards with a chip in it that works like a Credit Card its in our passports now though. society says cool people don’t believe in this kinda stuff, just watch the news or read the paper there is no reason to not care about your rights and your children s children. its everywhere hidden in plain site and the borders for canada usa and mexico coming down are real and the new amero dollar can be seen in the news it scares me that people are turning a blind eye because “its not cool” or even far fetched this movie shows that rfid is not far fetched as it runs hand in hand with the plot, the chip is already in people all around the world i remember when it was on the news the first guy that was implanted… the professor that invented it and his office recognizes when he is in! you remember? you can read about it just check the internet or the news channels!. the movie states because people are scared they will want this and people already have them (at request) because of the reason of fear i could give you a thousand reasons why this movie should be taken seriously but before you dismiss the movie watch it again and just check a few of the “unbelievable” points on the internet you will be surprised at how much it falls into place.

  6. Even though some parts of the movie(s) are BS it still says something about a profoundly sick society that we all live in. Consumerism, lobbyism and greed are major problems in the Western World. I do not care if the movie presents untrue facts; it still provokes and sets in motion very important thoughts. This cannot be disputed.

  7. What is bullshit in the movie? Example please.

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