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Okay, I’m just thinking out loud here. But go with me. The next presidential election, let’s elect some oil man from Texas. You know, a guy who is cozy with the Saudis. Then––just to be on the safe side––we’ll invade some oil-rich, middle eastern country. Some sort of preemptive strike. Are you with me so far? We’ll throw our weight around as the last remaining Superpower… and badda bing, badda boom: a record drop in the price of oil. Sound like a plan? Right? A no-brainer. So why are oil prices at a record high––$100 a barrel? Will somebody explain this to me? Okay. Plan B. We elect a woman with no connections to the petroleum industry, we snub the Saudis, withdraw from an oil-rich…


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  1. More likely to be this:

    We elect a woman from Arkansas… wait, wait, I mean New York, with no connections to the petroleum industry… well lets just say there is no connection, we snub the Saudis or the new owners of Citibank…whatever there names are, we NEVER withdraw from the oil-rich country, we find another country to invade…I mean provide relief, then we invade our own country..I mean provide relief in our own country, we will do this because we want change…well the change won’t be enough – we will actually need most of their money, well we actually need even more money so lets just print some more
    money…and badda bing, badda boom: it’s like the 90’s again man. Sound like a plan? So why are oil prices at a record high–$200 a barrel.

    The story here is about the fall of the dollar. Notice the same day the price of oil goes up the value of the dollar goes down. We don’t have just too little oil or too much demand from China. We have too many dollars worth less and less every day. Its a Demupublican problem that neither wants to fix.

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