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Okay. McCain probably has New Hampshire sewn up. But just to make darn sure, he’s brought along his celebrity. That’s right, the old dude in the picture. No, the other old dude. Recognize him? The Quaker Oats guy. Exactly! AKA Wilford Brimley. Right, I thought he was dead, too. It seems like the only celebrity more pathetic than Chuck “Walker” Norris would have to be Wilford “Oatmeal” Brimley. Wasn’t he a Senior Citizen in that Cocoon movie like twenty-five years ago? Well, I suppose it gives McCain a much needed “hook”––something to hang his campaign other than being the Republican candidate who is too hawkish on Iraq, too soft on illegals and too moderate on everything else. So let’s get these platforms straight: Obama offers change; Hillary offers experience; and McCain, I guess, offers old. I like it!


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  1. It was the right thing to do, and the tasty way to do it 🙂

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