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Alright, it ain’t working. Face the music, sister. No one is buying that you have more experience than Obama. The “day one” mantra is falling flat. And the only “change” you represent is menopause. So it’s time for a new strategy. After New Hampshire (you’ll handily lose there, by the way), stop beating around the bush and make it plain. A vote for Hillary is really a vote for Bill. He’s the one we’ve always liked. You, frankly, left us cold. So say it straight: Bill will be the real power behind the throne. We might buy that. After all, we know this thing can work. Dick Cheney has been the puppet master for the last seven years. It’s a tried and true arrangement. So just promise that when elected you will make yourself scarce and you’ll let Bill run the country. Well, you can hang around to make sure he keeps his boxers on in the Oval Office (you can do that, can’t you?). Excellent! It’s a fresh, new strategy and it can work. And frankly, it’s all you’ve got left.


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  1. No, no Artie — she’s been working for change for 35 years — and she hasn’t gotten it right yet. Let’s give her another chance!

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