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After working as an envoy for peace in Israel, the President has spent the past couple of days trying to rally the Saudis against Iran. To sweeten the deal, the President has announced a $20-billion arms sale to the Gulf Arab states. The only problem is, Saudi Arabia has no interest in helping Bush further destabilize the region. You see, unlike the U.S., they have to live there. They want to contain Iran on their own terms. Plus, the Saudis have been getting mix signals from Bush. One minute he is demanding Iran stop it’s nuclear program, and the next minute, he is voicing support of the Russians providing Tehran nuclear fuel. The Saudis are not too sure that Bush isn’t playing both ends against the middle. They are very nervous about what sort of deals Bush may be cutting with Tehran behind the scenes. But mostly, they see Bush as the doofus who has upset the delicate balance of power between the region’s Sunni majority and the Shi’a minority. He’s the one that opened Pandora’s box. And for that reason, he is probably not the best qualified to put the Shi’a genie back into the bottle. But then again, I have yet to see anything that this President is qualified to do. Have you?


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