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Well, MacWorld has come and gone and all we got was a sleek, state-of-the-art aluminum laptop that fits into a manila envelope––for easier losing, I suppose. Excuse me, while I yawn. What? Nothing more earth-shattering? No iToaster to brown my bagel while I do my taxes and download the Encyclopedia Britannica on iTunes? Most disappointing. Of course, not nearly as disappointing as having another virus worm its way into your Windows-powered PC and drain your bank accounts. That is clearly worse than having to wait for Mr. Jobs to unveil the iPen––a titanium fountain pen that doubles as a telephone, radar gun, web-based babysitter and subterranean flashlight.



  1. Dunno if you saw my capsule review – at one point, I was the number 4 entry for Blogs for “MacBook Air Review” – strange that my little review made it that high. (Now I’m on the second page – a bit of navel-gazing to even find that out.)

    Anyhow, that product is a little over the top – for wealthy biz people who have to have the latest toy. (I like toys – but don’t have THAT kind of budget!)

  2. well, the brand new apple macbook air doesn’t supprise japanese people anyway.

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