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In the 1960 election John Kennedy captured the White House. He also captured 78% of the Catholic vote. But the Catholic vote was just a small percentage of the total votes the young President garnered. Contrast that with Mitt Romney’s hands down victory today in Nevada. Over half of his total votes came from the Mormon faithful. Whoopty-friggin’-do! That is as much a red flag as it is anything else. As the Reverend Huckabee will tell us, there are whole lot more Baptist votes than Mormon votes in those Red states. Sure, Romney has proven he can get a sentimental victory in Michigan. He has proven that he can get the sectarian vote in Nevada. But, while this keeps the GOP primaries a bit of a dog’s breakfast, it should not be counted as momentum for the Romney camp. We’ll see how Mormon boy does in a Bible-belt state like South Carolina. But hey, a win is still a win. And a Mormon vote gets counted like any other.


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