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Two big wins for John McCain. Two back-to-back victories for Romney. And Hillary Clinton is kicking butt and taking names. So what do we know for sure? In the Democratic camp, it is clearly down to a two-way race. If Clinton ekes out a victory in South Carolina, Obama can start crafting his concession speech and a shot at the V.P. slot. The GOP is more up in the air. Clearly, Thompson is a bridesmaid. Ron Paul can decide between a Libertarian run or writing a book on How to Run a World-class Government on Two Dollars a Day. The Giuliani strategy remains an intriguing gamble. And it is pretty clear that Romney has the Mormon vote. The rest, I confess, is a bit hazy. It wasn’t all that long ago that John McCain’s campaign was dead in the water. And there is plenty of time in politics for him to fall and rise again. One thing, however, has to be troubling. McCain’s narrow victories have been with a rag-tag confederation of Republican moderates, independents and the religiously lukewarm. The traditional Republican mainstay of the abortion-hating, illegal hard-lining, born-again church-goers seem to favor a Huckabee candidacy and they, on the whole, have always been a bit leery of McCain and his maverick ways. I mean, the man opposes torture; Can this fellow really be trusted? Winning over the base of the GOP means not alienating this powerful block. Can McCain do it? Well, he’s just won over the people that knocked him out of the running eight years ago. So, anything is possible.



  1. McCain versus Hillary. Isn’t that what the political geniuses predicted a year ago?

  2. In 2000 McCain got 235,000 votes and 42 percent of the total votes. In 2008 McCain got 140,000 votes and 33 percent of the total votes. It seems net he has lost 1/3 of his Republican support. John MCain 2008- marked down by 33%.

    The trouble with the Republicans is that they have lost their way. They can’t even define what it means to be politically conservative (waterboarding is not one of them, nor is invading small countries, nor is spending out the waz-zu, nor is bailing out Wall Street). I wish we would start by at least reading the Constitution. It seems to be worth conserving.

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