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He’s already King of 9/11. And Giuliani has been working hard to run for President of Florida. It was a bold gamble. But already McCain’s momentum is quickly eroding Giuliani’s lead in the Sunshine State. Of course, this is all based on polling information and we know how predictive that has been in this primary season. However, if you are looking for a fiscal conservative and a man with bold ideas, Rudy may be your man. If his strategy works it not only will show a lot of grit, it will show that while other candidates prattle on about “change” and “experience,” one guy has turn the primary process on its head. One guy knows how to stretch a buck. Romney, on the other hand has proven he can spend money like a drunken sailor. Yup, Giuliani may show himself to be the real agent of change in this election. But of course, he would have to win in Florida. Not to mention, the nomination. And I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. Which has always been the knock on bold, innovative thinking. It generally backfires.


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