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Fred Thompson, we hardly knew ye. Senator Thompson’s lackluster performance in the primaries was a disappointment to many a Reagan-loving, abortion-hating, God-fearing conservative. He started out this campaign season on the sidelines, toying with our affections, chomping on his cigar and talking tough about cracking down on the borders, ridding our country of brown-skinned freeloading illegals. He tantalized us with coy suggestions that he might throw his hat into the ring. He excited us with the imminent possibility of a run for Ronald Reagan’s old job. He would blow these two-faced Massachusetts rich boy politicians out of the water. He would pulverize these gun-controlling, gay-marrying, pro-choice pantywaists. He would trounce these maverick, amnesty-granting Arizonan moderates. He would singlehandedly bring the party of Reagan back to the policies of Reagan. Hoo-ya! Then he got in the game at what seemed like the eleventh hour––and did zip. And today, this would-be messiah leaves the race with neither a bang nor whimper. Just a thud and a thunk. And with his departure it has finally dawned on us that the party of Reagan is truly a thing of the past. The abortion issue has lost its pull, smaller government is out of vogue and there is yet to be a consensus on what to do about this maddening immigration conundrum. The fact is: It’s a new GOP. The Grand Old Party has become the party of imperialism, growing deficits and federalized solutions to localized problems. Clearly, this is the end of Fred. But more importantly this is the end of an era.



  1. “ridding our country of brown-skinned freeloading illegals”

    haha… Of course, the brown skin is the worst part! Or perhaps, freeloaders must by definition have brown skin! Any way you slice that one…YIKES. =)

  2. I have to agree with the end of an era (although the era possibly ended more than a century ago). Oddly though it actually gives me hope. There is a saying in economics that gos “the best cure for high prices is – high prices”. I am kind of hoping the the best cure for statism is statism.

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