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Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has removed himself from the running. This, only days after Republican hopeful Fred Thompson has stepped aside. One man, a committed Liberal; the other man, a dedicated Conservative. So different, yet so much the same. Good family men who have decided to step away from the ballyhoo of presidential politicking to spend time with their families. The two men, pictured above with their lovely daughters, have yet to endorse… um…sorry…their lovely wives…have yet to endorse a candidate. Really? Those sweet young things are their wives? No friggin’ way! These dudes are old enough to be…Right! Chicks dig power…Got it… But I digress. My apologies. So let us thank both men for their years of public…Daaang, Momma…Um…public service and dedication…Heck, these dudes have my vote.


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  1. As a general rule, you can’t be president if you are shorter than your wife or anti-war on principle.

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