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After 7 years of a mangled foreign policy that plays like a bad Michael Bay movie––an action-packed extravaganza full of mustachioed villains, exploding Humvees and Clint Eastwood catch phrases: “Wanted dead or alive;” “Bring it on;” “Mission accomplished”––it is little wonder that the emerging GOP front runner is a decorated Vietnam war hero. Or that his wartime heroics consisted chiefly of doing hard time in a Viet Cong POW camp. He’s also a bit of a hot head. Which you’ve gotta love. Our very own Rambo. Maybe that’s why Senator McCain is Sylvester Stallone’s pick for Commander-in-chief. Maybe, that’s why TV action hero Chuck Norris is Huckabee’s Hollywood sidekick. Or why, actor Fred Thompson treated his run for the oval office like it was just another casting call. Look tough. Talk tough. Be tough. Cue the explosives. Bring up the music. Fade to black.


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  1. So I thought it would be fun to find an action hero that would do the dirty fighting for this years canidates:

    John McCain- “Rambo”
    Mike Huckabee- “Walker Texas Ranger”
    Mitt Romney- “Batman- The Caped Consultant”
    Barack Obama- “Tiger Woods”
    John Edwards- “Fabio”
    Guido- “Tony Soprano”
    Hillary- “Bill Clinton”
    Ron Paul- “Alan Greenspan”

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