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Well, the New York Times has spoken. The newspaper still read by many Floridian New Yorkers has made its decision. And Rudolph Giuliani is not their candidate. In fact, while giving McCain the thumbs up, they went out of their way to give Rudy the shaft. They summarize Mr. 9/11 as “a narrow, obsessively secretive, vindictive man.” Ouch! For the Democrats, they confess that an Obama  presidency is “enticing” but feel Senator Clinton is the more equipped to fill those big, presidential heels. So at least one New York-based candidate has received a New York nod from the paper. As for Giuliani, his lead in Florida has been all but obliterated. It looks like it will be a shootout between McCain and Romney. And in the recent Republican debate, it was the economy, not terrorism, that got all of the attention.  Which, all in all, is a bit of a disappointment. For the last 7 years, narrowness, secretiveness, and vindictiveness have been some of the President’s most endearing qualities. Oh, well.



  1. Here is McCain op-ed peice accepting the New York Times endorsement:

    I’m a war hero. I was right on the surge. I am a macro economic idiot, but I’m a hero. I think my immigration bill was brilliant, and it would have to be, because I’m always right because I’m a hero. I think McCain-Feingold took all the money out of politics and I think global warming is the most important issue of this election. I know so, because I’m always right. Oh, and yes my friends, I’m a hero. Never forget that I’m a hero. I’m a hero and I will stop earmarks, but I will spend every dime you have on entitlements and my global warming cap and trade scam. But don’t forget, I’m a hero. And Sylvester will help me chase Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell. And once again, I’m a hero. That’s all that matters. Oh and yea, I’m a maverick hero. But most important of all, I’m a hero. Remember, I’m a hero and this election is all about me, because I’m a hero and I’m a hero who is always right. Ask John Kerry. He knows I’m a hero. He almost let me be his VP running mate in 2004. Cause I’m a hero. And I’m always right.

  2. Here is McCain’s discussion on the economy.

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