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Okay. I say we give it to her. I mean, she wants this thing. So much so, she was a pouting little no-show for her South Carolina concession speech. So much that she is allegedly planning to sweep into Florida Tuesday night and proclaim her latest victory. Wait just a second! That can’t be right! Can it? The Democratic National Committee has declared Florida off limits to Democratic candidates. No exceptions. Oh, but that surely couldn’t apply to a Clinton. They are a political dynasty. You know, like those Bushes. America’s very own royal family, as it were. And by the way, Hillary is also contesting the delegates from Michigan and Florida who the DNC has said will not be counted at the convention. You know, for the sake of democracy and what not. I mean, this chick really means business. So I say we give it to her. She’s the candidate. Mr. Obama, stand down. Wait your turn. I mean, she’s been wanting this since…okay, I ‘ll say it…day one.


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