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Giuliani’s gamble came up bust. John Edwards is packing it in. And Hillary gets more votes in Florida––a contest that the DNC said they were not going to count––than the Republican victor, John McCain. All of which makes Super Tuesday a bit more super. Not Super Bowl super, you understand, but pretty darn super. The two-person Democratic race will be all the more defining without Edwards siphoning off voters and delegates. We will discover whether the two Clintons can go a straight week without race-baiting and––with their combined “experience”–– whether they are capable of behaving more…oh, I don’t know…presidential? We’ll see if the endorsement of Barack Obama by three living Kennedys gives him more street cred with Democrats or just frightens off the independents and the alleged Obama Republicans. And we’ll see if McCain really has this thing in the bag. And if Ron Paul can find another hobby.


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  1. The thing that John McCain has in the bag is 1/3 of the Republican Party that has completely lost its way. Twenty years ago John McCain’s positions would be described as a moderate democrat. Our political discourse has become a matter of degrees of agreement instead of subsitive policy discussions . It is shameful and our founding fathers should be rolling over in their graves.

    In the meantime the dollar falls and Rome burns and I am hoping a large portion of the population takes up a third party as a hobby.

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