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Considering Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been busy pushing a state healthcare proposal that is pretty much a carbon copy of the reforms Mitt Romney instituted in Massachusetts… Considering that the good old “Terminator” is vocally pro-abortion, a position identical to the one Mitt Romney faithfully held before his recent run for president… Considering they both are kinda hunky guys that entered politics after making their millions in the action-packed private sector… I was a little surprised to see Arnold backing John McCain and not good ol’ Mitt. But, then again, there are some shared points of view between the former POW and the former Barbarian. McCain’s immigration position is much closer to Gov. Schwarzeneggar than the typical Republican’s tough-talking, “round them up and send them back” attitude. And both the Mackster and Schwazzie speak the language of “global warming” like a couple of Al Gore wannabes, instead of the odd, non-committal “climate change” language that most of the GOP uses. You know, sort of like water-boarding not being actual torture, more like a water sport, I suppose. And of course, McCain is against torture (including waterboarding, if waterboarding is actually torture, which it may well be, but he’s not saying that it is.) And here, I’m pretty sure Arnold concurs. But most of all, they have both honorably and bravely served their country ––one in Vietnam, the other in the movie Predator. Which is pretty much what this endorsement signifies: more theater in the greatest show on earth. American politics.


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