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Whenever I think Hillary Clinton is shrill, strident and downright unladylike, I just have to listen to Anne Coulter to remember how shrill, shrill can be. The mean-spirited, mini-skirted GOP pundit is now saying that she is so against John McCain being her party’s candidate that she will vote for Hillary Clinton. Alright. That has to be the endorsement of the week. The point of Coulter’s latest teapot tempest is, of course, to say that Mitt Romney––the formerly liberal, formerly pro-choice, currently Mormon, former Massachusetts governor––is the real conservative in the race. Why Americans are not seeing this is really getting her goat. McCain is apparently worst than anything the tax-and-spend Democrats could conjure. And the pro-life, evangelical Huckabee? Also a liberal. Also, not to be trusted. Yup. Anne would know, after all, she’s the one voting for Hillary Clinton.


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  1. Actually, the rule here is to not let the other side pick your candidate. If they do, then we might as well pick their candidate as well. As she says “I’d rather deal with President Hillary than with President McCain. With Hillary, we’ll get the same ruinous liberal policies with none of the responsibility.”

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