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Let me get this straight. Romney got the Mormon vote, Huckabee got the Evangelical vote, Hillary got the women-over-60 vote and Obama got the black vote. And John McCain pretty much got the nomination. This being the guy that the Republican wing of the Republican party can’t stand. The guy that appeals to independents and former Democratic Vice Presidential candidates. The guy that sponsors bills with folks named Kennedy and Feingold. The guy that offers amnesty to Mexican illegals. Okay. That’s more like it. A candidate that appeals to people other than their mirror image. And yes, to be fair, Clinton did very well with Latinos. Thankfully, there wasn’t some candidate named Hernandez on the ballot.


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  1. Well said! I’m not American… but I think the best president will be one who unites people around their differences, rather than using those differences to separate people.

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