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Maybe you’ve heard? The Obama campaign is all about “change.” And one only has to look at how his people organized in South Carolina to see that this change talk is more than just talk. Their organizers went door to door and turned the Democratic organizational paradigm on its head. Then comes Super Tuesday. Not only did they likely pick up more delegates than Clinton, but Obama took some very red states. This, of course, is more change. Significant change. It is more than not pitting red states against blue states. It is transforming red states into a lovely shade of purple. Not to mention his ability to capture swing states like Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. Obama is a long way from getting his party’s nomination. But with more delegates, more ready cash and more red states in his column, Obama has the momentum. So now the shoe is on the other foot. It is Hillary Clinton promising to change Washington, and Obama promising something more tangible. Proven experience.


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