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What do you do when your party’s true believers try to boo you off the stage? If you’re John McCain you flash the pearly whites and try to laugh it off. After all, this group of died-in-the-wool conservatives had just learned that Mitt Romney was packing it in. And it looked like that John “Traitor” McCain was the inevitable GOP candidate. Argh! The same John McCain who––by the way–– snubbed this very group a year ago by not addressing their annual gathering. And the same John McCain who in his little speech has shown the temerity to mention his wrongheaded position on immigration. Booing seems quite in order. But this is what I love about McCain. He doesn’t shade the truth and he can laugh in the face of adversity. So for all those pundits who love to paint McCain as a thermometer-head mental case with an uncontrollable temper, yesterday shows that John McCain can take a lot of stuff in his stride. A self-deprecating wit, a Cheshire grin and an independent streak that confounds the party faithful. That’s our Johnny.


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  1. People need to get on board with McCain even though he’s not a real conservative. The alternative would be a disaster.

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