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The DNC has a lot of funny rules and ideals that seem to be making it harder and harder for Senator Clinton to get her party’s nomination. You see, they have this arcane notion that when a candidate wins a state, he––or she–– doesn’t get all of the state’s delegates. Share and share alike is their motto. Democratic, like their name. They also take offense at states that willy nilly move up their primary dates. So they refused to allow candidates to campaign in such states. Refused to seat their delegates. States need to wait their turn. Or learn their lesson. (Funny thing, Senator Clinton pretty much aced those states.) Bottom line, Barack Obama would not be in the lead today if the DNC didn’t have these quirky little rules. And Senator Clinton would be. Oh, and one other little bit of DNC policy: the Superdelegate. That’s one in the picture above (Rep John Lewis). They get to throw their weight behind the candidate of their choice. (He threw his behind Hillary Clinton.) And they also get to change their minds. Which is another little rule that Senator Clinton is pretty sure she’s not going to like.


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  1. Funny how the tables have turned. Considering that Bill and Hill owned the DNC through the 90’s and helped craft all of those “arcane” rules, that fact that they have to play by them is tough. She shouldn’t have sent attack-dog Bill on the rampage. It made her look to desperate. She is bankrupt and the super-Ds are bailing in droves. I bet she throws in the hat next week to save face for ’12.

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