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There’s an old joke in Texas that if you want to make new friends, just drive across the Lone Star State with a certain bumper sticker on your car. It reads, “We’re here, we’re queer and we’ve come to take away your guns.” The only bumper sticker that would likely get your Ford Bronco just as keyed––if not torched–– is the one that reads, “I’m Barack, I’m Black and Ted Kennedy is my homey.” Nevertheless, according to one new poll, Obama is now leading Senator Clinton here in Texas by six points. Two words for that. Boy howdy! And yes, he looks friggin’ ridiculous in that hat.



  1. The song is getting old. HRC: he has no experience. FOX News: He has no experience. Mc Cain: He has no experience. This is a tired song. Everyone who says Obama has no experience has no experience themself. No one has experience before they get there, yes not even Lincoln had experience. Show me one president that had experience as president before becomming president. Please someone show me. First it was, Wow look at him go. Now that he is actually winning, panic has set in and now it’s time for america to see what we have allways seen for the last 45 years. Fox News and the like to Plan their attack to destroy their enemy. This time their enemy is Obama and they will do their best to destroy him using the same tactics used to destroy others. By polluting the minds of the american people before he reaches the presidential nominee. It will be very hard not to see this as an racial attack on Obama. We know that Fox News and others like you can’t stand the idea of a black man in the white house. We know that your programing is to teach hate and fear to the american people. I ask the american people to be wise and remember that we have seen this fear of change before. Remember that we have watched them change the minds of people by repeating the same negative thing over and over again until some of us start believing it. Don’t let their fear become your fear. Vote for Obama, vote for change. This country needs it bad. Let’s see something good in our life time.

  2. Everytime I hear Obama or Hillary say “vote for change” I just insert “vote for socialism”. That is the method of change they are describing. Voting for change without understanding the method of change is purely idiotic. Tyrany isn’t change, its been around a long time.

    Let’s just have a thought experiment here and say “vote for change”. In this case lets just say change means Liberty. Let also say liberty mean personal liberty and economic liberty. Now thats real change!

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