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Yes. It is true. Obama wins Wisconsin with 55% of the vote. A number he clearly plagiarized from John McCain who was first to receive 55% of the vote in the Wisconsin’s GOP primary. “It seems,” according to an unidentified Clinton operative, “that Senator Obama can do nothing original, this week.” Senator Clinton had no comment. The Senator from New York has taken a vow of silence in her recent pledge to the American people not to inadvertently plagiarize any living or dead personages. Obama, by contrast, greeted the victory with a brief, succinct “Great!” The Clinton camp has notified the press that “Great!” was an unattributed allusion to John Kennedy’s favorite one-word expression of satisfaction. Senator Edward Kennedy has issued a press release that the Kennedy estate had only last week deeded the JFK signature remark to the Obama campaign. In another story today, comedian Bill Cosby has accused the Illinois Senator of cribbing Cosby’s proprietary Fat Albert mantra:”Hey, hey, hey” in debates earlier this year. Fat Albert could not be reached for comment.



  1. This is a good post on Obama from Kerry Lewis at Hymnus Deo:

    In this piece from the PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, E. J. Dionne pointed out that Obama is actually speaking in the fashion of a revivalist. I’ve noticed the same is true of his wife Michelle. This seems to fit in nicely with the idea of Obama’s movement being a sort of cult following. Revivalism from the beginning has only thrived insofar as a single individual is the focus of the devotion of the faithful, and that individual is chosen based on his ability to stir up excitement in his followers. Objective truth and deep sustained intellectual reflection are substituted with shallow rhetoric and easily attained emotional fervor. So, in fact, Obama actually has more in common with Charles Finney than with any former president, in that his views on policy are largely irrelevant to his supporters. In the modern context, Joel Osteen comes to mind. People don’t care what he says, so long as he makes them feel good. But what we’re witnessing is a sort of resurrection of the Caesar cult. People believe that the government is to be their savior, and they think Obama would make a good messiah.”

  2. I always give Obama a hard time for not ever talking about policy. Maybe he just needs a little help coming up with some program names for his programs. Here are a few possibilites:

    No Child Left Without Hope and Change and Changed Hope and Hope Changed Hope Behind Act of 2009

    National Hope and Change Healthcare Change with American Hope Act of 2009

    The Hope We Change the Environment Act of 2009

    The National Changed Hope Federal Mortgage Bailout Hope Bank Act of 2009

    The Government Insolvency Act of 2012

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