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One of these candidates may not be constitutionally qualified to be President. It’s not the one with the foreign-sounding name and the international up-bringing. It’s the guy from Arizona who was actually born just south of Tucson in a place called the Panama Canal Zone. So, technically, he’s not a natural born citizen. Which is a bit of a rub, particularly for a guy who is a strict constructionist. Now you would think they would have passed a law that would get around this unfortunate accident of birth. And you would be right. The law declared anyone who is born of American citizens should be considered “natural born.” The only problem is that law is no longer on the books. All of which may argue that Hillary Clinton is truly the best qualified candidate to be President. US-born. And a name that doesn’t sound like an al-Qaeda suicide bomber.


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  1. McCain is in no way a strict-constructionsit. A strict constructionist doesn’t introduce or vote for laws (McCain-Fiengold) that restrict the freedom of the people. A strict constructionist votes to restrain the power of the government.

    McCain- Fiengold has given us exactly what is was intended to do. Elect incumbents and media darlings.

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