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In Texas, the two-step is not just a dance, it’s a convoluted Democratic Party system of combining primary voting with candidate caucusing. In short, Democratic voters get a chance to vote twice. You know, “vote early and vote often.” This apparently created confusion among some Clinton supporters who were reportedly going back to the end of the line after they voted once to “vote twice.” This, along with large turnouts, helped to slow down the voting process at many polling locations. But the biggest problem for the Clinton campaign was that this two-part process may have given Obama more Texas delegates than Clinton. Even though Hillary technically won that night. Which has lead to accusations of foul-play and plenty of finger-pointing from both sides. Drama in politics––how unusual! At any rate, Obama is still out front in raw delegates. All of which means that when you’re asked who won Texas, you can smile a sly grin and answer, “Well, that all depends.”


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