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That’s right. Waterboarding may look barbaric, but it is actually the CIA’s most effective weapon against terrorism. And George W. Bush is making darn sure that it stays legal. It’s just amazing the crazy stuff we can get these detainees to admit to mid-drowning! Golly, it’s effective! Yessir, the Spanish Inquistion has nothing on us. By, the way I’ve heard burning people alive can also work its magic. You know, something we can fall back on when there’s water rationing or something. Just a thought.


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  1. So you would not pour water up someone’s nose in a manner that would not only not kill them, but cause them no pain whatsoever — even if you knew they had information (say, because of their high-ranking position in al qaeda, for example) in order to prevent an attack that could kill hundreds? thousands? hundreds of thousands?

    How many lives would have to be at risk before you would be willing to pour water up one persons nose?

    I suppose, like most liberals you are also in favor of the police using “non-lethal” force such as tazers, pepper spray, and tear gas to subdue dangerous criminals rather than bullets?

    So if I am correct, it is OK in your mind to deliver a powerful shock to an American citizen wielding a knife in public in order to prevent them from harming one person, but it is not OK to merely scare a terrorist without causing them any pain or physical harm whatsoever in order to prevent the death of countless innocents?

    You should know also that waterboarding has indeed worked, including with Kaleid Sheik Mohammad who revealed information about active plots to kill Americans that were foiled as a result.

    I respect your right to have your opinion, and I even respect your right to believe completely morally asinine things like that scaring a person without causing them any harm is morally equivalent to burning people alive — but I think you’re putting your dislike for president Bush before reason and before the safety of Americans. Which I think is horrendously shameful.

    And I thank God the adults are in charge.

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