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Here’s the thing we loved about Obama. He was transforming the paradigm of politics. The old-school system of dirty tricks, half truths and total lies just didn’t seem to work. The Clintons would punch below the belt and Barack would rise above the fray. When words are your friend, the truth is wholly adequate. Lies are for the lazy. The cynical. So the dirty tricks––for the first time–– seemed to backfire. This is what we loved about Obama. Honesty was his secret weapon. His campaign was about change. And change seemed to be changing the success ratio of old-style politics. Then suddenly, the power of dirty tactics seemed to kick in. Ads with sleeping children and ringing red phones got enough people deciding the other way. So now the pundits are saying Barack has to get down and get dirty. The gloves have to come off. In other words, the change agent needs to change. The honest Joe needs to brush up on the tried and true dishonesty that wins elections. Obama has to start hitting back and hitting hard. Sure, people will see him as a sell out, but high-minded platitudes about hope and change can only get a negro so far. Well, let me offer a different piece of advice: stay the course. Be the Barack we fell in love with. Show the skeptics that truth has power and that change is possible. After all, nominees are made by delegate numbers not “momentum.” The math is still on your side. Win the nomination on your terms. Let the truth play out. Naive? Maybe. Do I really think we can rely on honesty, truth, the facts and a modicum of hope? Yes, Mr. Obama, yes we can.


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