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It seems that the vast right-wing conspiracy that somehow arranged for Bill Clinton’s trousers to drop for a White House intern, Jennifer Flowers and a few hundred other indiscretions, is up to its old tricks. And now New York’s Governor Spritzer is the latest Democrat to get his joint in a wringer. Darn those swift-boating right-wingers! When will they stop ruining these fine, upstanding politicians’ reputations, family lives and political careers? How many more stoic, Hillaryesque wives are going to have to stand by their men while this scheming conservative machine mangles their lives? And when––by the way––will these liberal, left-leaning bastions of justice and morality learn to keep their collective flies zipped up? When? How do they find the time to govern? Seriously? I mean, national politics is like a Viagra ad gone haywire! Dang! Where is Lorraine Bobbit when you need her? Seriously!


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