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It was not Obama’s best speech. But it may be his most profound. As a bi-racial fly on the wall, he has personally witnessed more bigotry, resentment and race-based anger than most of us––from both sides of a fence that he has straddled since birth. Reverend Wright is not the only American mouthing of about what they are frustrated with in this country. You know it. I know it. Barack clearly knows it. People who love their country most, and love their country best, seek its advancement and deplore its failings. It is the most authentic form of patriotism; lapel pins, flag decals, notwithstanding. No, this was not his best speech. But, perhaps, this speech will help us understand the other guys’ frustrations. The other guys’ indelible hang-ups. And if we listen to it closely, it might remind us that this imperfect Union will never become a more perfect one by us licking our collective wounds and dwelling on past injustices. It we listen closely, we can be reminded that we are all in this together, and that all of us pushing against each other is never as effective as all of us pulling together. That’s the bottom line. I’m not sure this speech can help this campaign, but it can certainly help this country.

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