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Obama is like that professor we had in college. The good one. The one that made things interesting. The one who made things make sense. The one who could put the snapshot of now into the big picture of then. That’s what Obama has done in his recent speeches. He put racism in its greater context. He gave us the big picture. He did it again today at Cooper Union where he spoke on the economy. He didn’t just talk about what isn’t working or how it’s all the GOP’s fault. He gave us the big picture. He made everything make sense. He made economics interesting. This is more than a gift for inspiring oratory, this is the gift of a brilliant mind. Imagine, a guy like that in the Oval Office! It’s been a while.



  1. Obama is like the class clown in high school. All theatrics with nothing more to offer.

  2. Obama put racism in proper context? This is just false. He compared the firebreathing racist rants of Rev. Wright to the private misgivings of his grandmother. No, proper context, proportion or anything else proper here.

  3. This is the oratory of an economic idiot. It is the same road as the dual idiots, Hoover and Rosevelt, that kept us in an economic depression. Now we have the prospect of the dual idiots of Bush and Obama.

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