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She just keeps doing it. Confusing speech facts with real facts. Once again, Senator Clinton’s fond recollections of her “experience” were contradicted by the reality of that “experience.” No sniper fire this time, at least. While campaigning in Oregon, the senator from New York invited the crowd to check the record. If they do so, they were confidently assured, they would see that her opposition to the Iraq war actually predates Barack Obama’s opposition. Of course, it doesn’t. You may recall she voted to authorize this war. So to make the fact check work in her favor, she added a very curious parameter. If you check the record since January 2005. Why January 2005? That’s when the junior senator from Illinois actually came to the Senate. The junior senator who warned that invading Iraq would be a giant mistake back when Senator Clinton was actually voting to authorize the President’s grand adventure––that junior senator. You see, if you do that, Hillary said, she actually was against the war first. The only problem is even when you do the math her way…Obama still comes out ahead. Oops. At least, she can say that she is currently against the war she was formerly for: you may remember how well that line of argument worked for Mr. Kerry, (AKA: The Flip-flopper).


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