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That’s why we call them “compounds.” The US government can burn down, shoot down and take down people who live in compounds and we don’t even blink. Of course, if the news media would refer to these so-called compounds as “living quarters” or “homes” even, we might take more umbrage at our taxpayer dollars blowing away or blowing up people who happened to be at “home.” (Unless, of course, they were in a Middle-Eastern country with an exoitc, terrorist-harboring-sounding name like Iraq. We’d be cool with that.) Be they Muslims or Mormons, the US public feels better when we cuff, kill or incinerate people who live in compounds. Now if these people are a part of a “sect,” so much the better. So recently, our government invaded the “compound” of a religious”sect” who are alleged to be abusing scores of “children.” Why? Because they have actually discovered teenage girls who are pregnant; and we all know how bad teen pregnancies are. Plus, the evidence indicates that it is older men who are impregnating these “children.” And that, of course, is child abuse. Particularly when it happens in a “compound.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I hate teen pregnancies, child abuse and compounds as much as the next guy. But the fact that these teenage girls are married to these older men, I would think might make a difference. And our authorities taking young, pregnant mothers away from their families is also a form of abuse. And why is it, that the news media would have no problem with some other “suburb” in Texas where teenage girls (children) are having polygamous sex with young men (other children) who aren’t their husbands, getting pregnant and aborting their offspring (more children)? Why isn’t that child abuse? Why isn’t the government intervening in that? Taking those kids away from those families? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because those teens live in condos. Not compounds.


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  1. I just don’t like the word compound. I mean do we really need compound fractions, compound fractures and compound interest. I say we eliminate the word entirely from the English language. When I start my sect we will have a “village” or a “hamlet” anything but a compound.

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