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If you can’t lower the bridge, boys, raise the river. If this administration can’t lean on the Saudis, Exxon-Mobil or successfully invade an Arab country and consficate their oil, at least they can do something. I know what! Let’s eliminate the gas tax. After all, Republicans love giving tax breaks. And it’s an election year. So let’s give it to everyone, even the poor. Well, when John McCain announced his idea today, I had to admit, I liked the sound of it. I even liked it 12 years ago when Bob Dole said it when he was running for President. And best of all, it’s an economic policy that’s tangible, that people actually can grasp. And the GOP has got to like any bill that doesn’t disrupt Exxon-Mobil’s greatest record earnings in the history of the US economy. After all, those boys have earned it.


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