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Is it just me? Or am I the only one who noticed that this ongoing flap about Obama is a wee bit lopsided. During Wednesday’s debate the question came up again about the Senator from Illinois not wearing a flag pin on his lapel. Why, may I ask, is it a requirement for Obama for wear a flag pin? Senator Clinton wasn’t wearing a flag on her lapel. George Stephanoupolis wasn’t wearing one on his lapel. Charlie Gibson wasn’t wearing one. In fact, the woman on the videotape who asked Barack to start wearing one, didn’t appear to be wearing one. So why aren’t people calling their patriotism into question? Why is Obama’s lapel the focus in all this pin nonsense? Is it because he is black? Because he went to an Ivy league school? Because his middle name is Hussein? Because he is against the Iraq war? Because he has a wacky pastor? Because his wife keeps reminding us that racism is alive and well in America? Or is it because people who love flag pins, still love to hate people like Barack? Just asking.



  1. To answer your question, it’s because idiots who love flag pins still love hating people like Barack.
    Oops! You beat me to it!

  2. Loyalty to the nation state, its wars and welfare, has become the first and only test of worthiness to serve in public office. I have always found it funny that those who do not take this line are branded as “unpatriotic” while the original term “patriot” meant “those who rebeled a repressive government”.

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