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As a rule, sneaky underhanded politicians have made very good presidents. Take this one. He ended the war in Vietnam (he had a secret plan, you may recall; the secret was it was no plan at all). He opened the doors to trade with China (you know, China? They’re the ones currently financing our national budget and enjoying the manufacturing jobs that our unemployed factory workers used to do). This guy honed sneaky to an art! Then there was William Jefferson Clinton (AKA , Slick Willy). Very sneaky. But a heck of a President. He signed NAFTA into law. You remember NAFTA? (Those Chinese certainly do). Anyway, despite the sneaky, dishonest shenanigans that these two did in the Oval office (with or without their pants on), they were, all in all, pretty first-rate presidents. So it comes as a bit of a shock that Hillary’s poll numbers are dropping all due to the fact she is perceived as sneaky and dishonest. Why, of course, the old girl is dishonest! Don’t be silly. How else could she be ready for the job day one?


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