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Apparently, Obama got it wrong. Working-class folks don’t cling to religion because they are bitter, they cling to bitterness because they are religious. Take Peggy Noonan. This working-class Irish Catholic says she totally “gets” Rev. Wright’s anger. Bitterness, she feels, is an oppressed people’s perogative. And apparently, it is as much a Black Irish thing as it is a Black thing. Sort of like imbibing the bitter herb in the Passover seder or pressing your tongue against a friendly toothache. We like the pain. It reminds us of our heritage. Sure, we are doing well now, but don’t let that fool you. We are victims through and through. Well, it’s good to know, that after Obama has cut his pastor loose, there is still someone who will stick up for the feisty churchman. Peggy Noonan. A right-wing Republican.


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