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Joan of Arc had backbone. Margaret Thatcher had grit. Golda Meier had moxie. And Hillary Clinton has whining. Her latest fine whine is a vintage one: sexism has held her campaign back. It’s a boy’s club. And we women have to stick together. Not since her using tears to manipulate a comeback in New Hampshire, has Clinton looked this desperate. But more than desperate, she looks positively prissy. As Peggy Noonan points out, she has gotten narrow-minded Appalachian men to vote for her, working-class Catholic men to support her and large groups of men with no College education to sign on to her cause. But when you are desperate, you play to your strength: aging feminists––the stalwart group that say they would vote for McCain before they would cast a vote for Obama. Girls, the boys did me in. I think I feel another cry coming on.


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