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What do you do when you’ve had enough? What do you do when you are tired of working for a delusional, lying piece of West Texas poli-trash? What do you do when when it is your job to assure the veracity of said Liar’s lies to the American public? Well, if you are Scott McClellan, you quit. Then, you publish your memoirs. Take that, Mr. President! And if you are the current Press Secretary you assure the press that Scott McClellan is confused, embittered and a total nut job. Gee, I can’t wait for her book.


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  1. Everybody’s acting as though Scott’s writing this book is sooo appalling and unprofessional and unusual. Subordinates have been toiling at the mercy of mean, inept, incompetent superiors since time and memoriam. Is it really so hard to understand how a subordinate could secretly disagree with a superior?

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