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Today, John McCain tried out a new campaign platform: Change. Sound familiar? It worked so well for Barack, Johnnie has adopted it for his very own. The only problem is this. John McCain has served for 26 years in the very “government” that he is saying is so out of touch with the American people and their problems and pain. So, where was John McCain while the “government” was turning a deaf ear to our needs? Why was he so ineffectual for 26 years? It’s like McCain has just lit up an exploding cigar. McCain can run a credible campaign based on experience. He can run a believable campaign promising continuity of Bush foreign policy. But change? The champion against Washington ineptitude? The man has been a part of his alleged ineffectual federal government since 1982?  Just crazy!


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  1. Now exactly what has Obama changed over his illustrious 4 years in the Senate. Or maybe it was the change he brought over the great state of Illinois during his 7 years in the State Senate.

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