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While Hillary takes a breather and her campaign repeats the mantra that the VP decision is Senator Obama’s alone––a variety of op ed columnists are floating a very different dream ticket. It doesn’t put Hillary or any other woman in the supporting role. But instead, a hairy-legged guy. In fact, pundits around the country are suggesting one of the smartest guys in DC for the Veep job. Jim Webb. For, in reality, it is not the female vote that Obama has to cater to. They will come around. But Obama would be very smart to think about getting a guy with a few years on him. A guy with an illustrious military record. And a guy who could win over some of the red necks of West Virginia. But the most impressive thing about Webb is his keen mind. These two guys are arguably the two brightest guys in government today. And two smart guys tag-teaming the Oval Office would be a refreshing change of pace. Plus, Jim Webb knows how to go hunting without shooting anyone in the face. Which is definitely worth considering.


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