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Obama has his “third Bush Term” tactic to describe a McCain presidency (he would say “eight more years of Bush” if McCain wasn’t so…you know…old). Consequently, the McCain camp are now trying to link Obama to Jimmy Carter. Which sort of makes sense. Carter was an idealistic, progressive voice in the Democratic party. His presidency was following a Republican White House full of lies and corruption. He spoke openly of his religious faith. And he wrote books. (A president who can read and write––that would be different.) But of course, the comparison that McCain wants you to make is that Carter was naive and inexperienced. A virtual failure. Unfortunately, the Carter that most Americans know today is a guy who has given Mother Teresa a run for her money. He builds homes for the poor, he monitors elections in emerging democracies and he boldly speaks truth to power. Not exactly, the screw-up that McCain is hoping to conjure for the voters. Might want to focus group this one a little further. Where is Rove when you need him?



  1. When I heard McCain make the Carter comment, my initial reaction was, if I had to choose between Bush and Carter, that’d be the easiest choice imaginable.
    If Carter had been able to stay in office, we’d have universal health-care, alternative-energy vehicles, oh, and we wouldn’t be in TWO wars.

  2. Carter had the foresight to know we needed to reduce our oil dependency. (Reagan immediately dismantled Carter’s alternative energy programs when he took office.) So the comparison to Carter isn’t such a bad thing at this time.

  3. oddly enough, and brought to us by a comedian (Jon Stewart) the news that finds all of everybody aghast at reality.
    Obama, Bush junior, Clinton, Bush sr., Reagan, Carter, Ford, and (oh lord…no…) Nixon all touted the same line of getting off oil, especially from foreign suppliers.
    8 presidents later, still shooting for the bubbling crude, Texas tea, oil, that is.
    Poison the gulf (our enemies couldn’t be happier) and perhaps a turn from his original stand, now dig around in Alaska.
    Despite the denial to extend unemployment benefits to those poverty stricken families in our country, the denial of jobs reform (is big business going to begin sending citizens overseas?) our less than intelligent Senate has decided to GIVE annual payments of $35 BILLION to oil industries in our region (whether or not they also destroy our lands, beaches and seas.

    But, the point is…8 presidents.
    (the problem with the senate is an easy problem once you know the truth…
    Lawyers comprise 55% of Republican senators and 62% of Democratic senators, which pretty much says a lot.
    Of the group left, 13 are proffesional politicians bent on staying and 12 are businessmen making policy to help themselves when they leave.
    6 teachers, only one comedian.
    Personally, I think we need more comedians and more teachers.
    And, yes..
    I promise to start attending the ON-AND-ON-ANON meetings again.
    Real soon…

  4. ps, I was just here to borrow that fine picture of the peanut farmer (I liked him, and not because I was born in Georgia) and his big ol’ smile.

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